The Rouge, White & Blue Podcast this week brings you breaking news – well, okay, it was breaking news when the show was recorded. In any case, new Canadian Football League commissioner Randy Ambrosie today announced effective immediately a limit on the number of video replays a head coach can call for in a single game to just one. So you bet RWB co-hosts Os Davis nails four of the five results and co-host Joe Pritchard.

This being the RWB CFL podcast, we’ve also got grousing about grousing about CFL refereeing, particularly in light of the Montreal Alouettes-Winnipeg Blue Bombers game (in which Os claims the two best defensive plays by the Als were wiped out by ticky-tack roughing calls) and the Edmonton Eskimos-BC Lios game (which degenerated into a mess both on the field and on Twitter). Plus, we’ve got lots of positivity for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Calgary Stampeders for their impressive performances and Joe (he’s a positive fellow, that Joe) can even see the possibility for positivity in Hamilton.

We’ve also get picks for next week’s games and a brief paean to the West’s dominance over the East thus far in 2017.

The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast: Ever seeking clarity within the standings…

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