It’s all in the timing, we suppose. Rouge, White and Blue CFL podcast co-hosts Os Davis and Joe Pritchard recorded last week’s episode in what we thought was a low-news zone, until to discover the following day that CFL Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge had been handed his walking papers just two years after taking the position with the league.

And so this week, with (hurriedly quadruple-checks the CFL homepage) not so much happening in Canadian football, the RWB takes a look back at Orridge’s brief reign.

Brief though it may have been Orridge’s CFL went through quite a roller-coaster of situations financially, structurally and emotionally during those two years. Os and Joe look back on stuff like the troubles in Toronto, rewriting of receiver-contact and coach’s challenge rules, a mishandling of the league’s new logo launch, continued drug-test policy issues and the reality of CTE in the CFL.

What’s the RWB’s verdict on the Orridge Era? Let’s put it this way: One of these hosts is a positive guy always willing to give the benefit of the doubt, the other is an iconoclastic cynic. In short, disagreements ensue.

The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast: Now waiting on a new commissioner…
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