You know that guy who’s seemingly impossible to enrage, who lives by the philosophy of “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”? The guy who, even when presented with a foolish position, will immediately seek reconciliation and compromise in order to spare feelings? The guy who wouldn’t slaughter a sacred cow if it were bearing down on him at Mach 2?

Well, Mike Goodpaster is not that guy.

The overseer here at The Grueling Truth spares no one with his blunt opinions and generally confrontational attitude. And the sick part of it is that the man is right – and righteous – more often than not, dammit. And if you dare to bring any wishy-washy BS anywhere near his presence, he’ll drag your rear end across the River Styx and back to drive home his point. (Why do you think this site is called “The Grueling Truth,” anyway?)

In the spirit of ol’ Coach Mike’s commitment to taking no prisoners when the cards are on the debate table, The Grueling Truth presents “What Ticks Mike Off,” a podcast chock full of opinionating that makes for a breath of fresh air in a storm of mundane viewpoints on the sports world and other issues. Yours truly will be serving up the batting-practice pitches for Mike to verbally slam ‘towering taters out of the park on a weekly basis – all done with sharp, Midwestern-style humor.

Join us here and listen to Mr. Goodpaster tee off on what might otherwise (mostly) be called innocuous topics of discussion, including:

  • soccer
  • the Olympic Games
  • the NFL
  • fantasy football; and, closing with an easy one, namely
  • the 2016 presidential election

Get ready to laugh in spite of yourself – as long as you’re not easily offended – along with me as Mike kicks the knowledge along with a lot of butts. You might even learn something. Or not.

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Os Davis has been a sportswriter for [redacted] years, covering and enjoying way too much pro football (American and Canadian), basketball (NBA and international), World Cup soccer and cricket in turn. Basically, if it's a ball game and Os has a forum, he'll write about it. Os is of the opinion that advanced stastical metrics are awesome, that the addition of offensive lines to fantasy football is absolutely necessary and that the Los Angeles Lakers shall rise again. He is firmly against price-gouging of fans, Americans pooh-poohing CFL football and that @#@#$@#$ing Washington football team's name. Os currently appears on way too many podcasts, co-hosting the Rouge, White & Blue Fantasy Football Podcast, The Truth About Fantasy Football Podcast, the CFL Weekly Pick 'Em Show and the L.A. Rams 2.0 Weekly Show -- plus often the NFL Weekly Pick 'Em Show.