For the Truth About Fantasy Football podcast this week, the inmates have taken over the asylum – kinda like a certain Transition Of Power taking place in our nation’s capital. TAFF host Matt Andruscavage takes a DNP this week while vacationing, and so Os Davis becomes ringleader takes up the post.

The rest of the TAFFers are here as well: LaDonna Williams of RivalrySports.Sportsblog has much to brag about after a particularly successful week in multiple fantasy leagues. LaDonna’s list of studs among TAFF’s weekly Studs and Duds is extensive.

Also aboard as always is Aaron Zepnick, who’s already overthinking week 11; if you want a one-stop shop for every single possible start/sit question, this could be the podcast for you. Though note: You may not agree with everything Zepnick says this week: The man has some pretty strange ideas about the Seattle Seahawks, if you ask Os…

Finally, we touch on Waiver Wire Pickups, which hoo boy are getting scanty. The name “Ryan Tannehill” may have been invoked…

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The Truth About Fantasy Football: …and nothing but the truth!

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