So it must be autumn: The CFL’s entering its second half, NCAA football starts this week, NFL season kicks off soon thereafter, complaining about fantasy teams become a full-time obsession, and everyone’s back from vacation. Said everyone includes Rouge, White & Blue CFL podcast co-host Joe Pritchard,who returns to the stability of home after recording RWBs from literally on the road in Wisconsin and from the boondocks of Washington.

So Joe’s ready to go for another round of games with co-host Os Davis for this week’s edition of the Rouge, White & Blue. In running down last week’s games, we praise the BC Lions defense, speculate as to just how tested the Edmonton Eskimos have been on their three-game winning streak, and wonder just who can beat the Calgary Stampeders.

We also talk about the latest innovation the CFL and TSN brought to broadcasting this week for the Calgary-Hamilton Tiger-Cats game, namely that of mic’ed up players and coaches. Sure, a few kinks need to be worked out, but you gotta love the innovation and willingness to experiment. Seriously, can you believe that twitterers were whinging within five minutes of kickoff? (Of course you can: It’s professional sports. It’s Twitter.)

As for next week, Joe tentatively backs his Winnipeg Blue Bombers, enjoying four wins in a row but playing the Saskatchewan Roughriders in a Labour Day game they haven’t won in Regina since the mid-2000s. We pick all the games and assess the chances of the Toronto Argonauts’ chances of dropping two in six days this week. (Spoiler: They’re very good. Chances, I mean. Chances of losing both.)

The Rouge, White & Blue CFL Podcast: It’s choice chatter from south of the (US-Canada) border…