1). Minnesota Vikings 5-0 – I doubt there’s many that would disagree that the Vikings are playing the best right now?

2). New England Patriots 4-1 – Brady and Gronk are back. The Pats may not lose again.

3). Pittsburgh Steelers 4-1 – Not sure who will be able to slow down this offense, the big question will be can the defense play well enough to make them a Super Bowl team?

4). Atlanta Falcons 4-1 – Winning in Mile High proves they’re for real, we already knew the offense was good, but now the defense has a pass rush to go with the powerful offense.

5). Oakland Raiders 4-1 – The Raiders just keep finding ways to win. For a young team, that is a great sign.

6). Dallas Cowboys 4-1 – Prescott should not be relieved when Romo is healthy. Elliot behind the Cowboys offensive line is almost unfair.

7). Denver Broncos 4-1 – The champs had a setback, but they will still be one of the top teams in the end.

8) Philadelphia Eagles 3-1 – They played good enough to win, but stumbled in Detroit.

9) Seattle Seahawks 3-1 – Seattle’s defense can carry this team, but if the offense comes together, they have another shot at a Super Bowl.

10) Green Bay Packers 3-1 – Parts of the team look impressive, but the offense still looks like last year.

11) Buffalo Bills 3-2 – The Bills are a quiet playoff contender. Don’t sleep too hard on them.

12) Washington Redskins 3-2 – Big win over the Ravens to stay alive in now a difficult NFC East.

13) Baltimore Ravens 3-2 – John Harbaugh still has the Ravens competitive in every game. Still, think they make the postseason when all is said and done.

14) Los Angeles Rams 3-2 – Still playing better than most thought.

15) Houston Texans 3-2 – Injuries and bad quarterback play have hurt this team.

16) Kansas City Chiefs 2-2 – Bye week, but they have work to do to catch Oakland and Denver.

17) Arizona Cardinals 2-3 – Now the Cardinals can take a breath and start their win streak.

18) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-3 – Big win last night. This team can win games and could make the playoffs.

19) Detroit Lions 2-3 – The Lions are starting to look like a team that could make some noise.

20) New York Giants 2-3 – They have issues in some places, but they won’t be an easy out with their offensive lineup.

21)  Tennessee Titans 2-3 – The offense is very good. Now the defense has to come together.

22) Cincinnati Bengals 2-3 – Andy Dalton is playing well, but that’s about it at this point.

23) Indianapolis Colts 2-3 – The Colts have to figure out how to play on the road, but they’re solid at home.

24) New Orleans Saints 1-3 – They’ve been in all 4 games. They just have to close the deal.

25). Carolina Panthers 1-4 – The defending NFC Champs are just not what they were last year.

26) New York Jets 1-4 – They have more talent than their record indicates.

27) San Diego Chargers 1-4 – They have the offense, but can’t put teams away.

28) Jacksonville Jaguars 1-3 – Still one of the biggest disappointments in the AFC thus far.

29) Chicago Bears 1-4 – Brian Hoyer has given the Bears offense some life, but this is still a bad team.

30) San Francisco 49ers 1-4 – They’re not giving up, but the writing is on the wall.

31) Miami Dolphins 1-4 – Miami is almost as bad as Cleveland right now.

32) Cleveland Browns 0-5 – The Browns have been in games, but got shelled this week.